A list of Swedish Space Companies

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Development in electronics, optics and communication solutions

Cobham Gaisler 
Digital hw design for both terrestrial and space applications

APR Technologies
Liquid based thermal control system, systems having specific requirements regarding thermal management, temperature detection and monitoring

AFRY help space clients develop optimised and sustainable systems and services, based on advanced space technologies, robust and flexible infrastructures as well as intelligent, digital solutions.

The company's competences and experience within the space sector can be used for both commercially and socially important operations, as well as to strengthen Sweden's capabilities within defence and security.

Algoryx develops software for physics simulation in 3D. This software is used for developing and testing autonomous and remote-controlled vehicles, machines, and robots used in space, on the moon, on Mars, and on asteroids. Algoryx's customers include organizations such as NASA, MDA, Jaxa, Jamms, CNSA, and ESA, as well as many of the companies that build rovers, construction machines, and robots for space use.

Beyond Gravity
Spacecraft systems, Computers and data handling, Sensor system mechanisms, Spacecraft structures, flight control systems for sounding rockets, Microgravity payloads, Small satellites, Microwave antennas, Microwave electronics and fibre optics

Technical consulting, product development and management support

Brockmann Geomatics Sweden
Development and application of remote sensing and GIS

Develops s/w for digital maps and positioning data

C2sat Communications
Development of stabilised antenna systems


Stabilised Electro-Optical Sensor Systems, Light-weight and high performance gyro stabilised gimbals for mission critical applications

Development and provision of propulsions systems, thrusters and environmentally benign propellants

Development of satellite broadband modems

GKN Aerospace Sweden
Development of nozzle and turbines for Vulcain (Ariane 5), Technology programme in pump systems, nozzles and combustion

Highly integrated MMIC chips, MMIC applications in the frequency range up to 100 GHz

Applied sensor Research

IRnova develops and supplies high quality, high performance infrared detectors and related components to infrared module, camera and system manufacturers all over the world.

Jirotex Furudahlsgruppen / Furudahls Plast
Sound absorption materials for Ariane 5

Delivery of data, systems and support for geographic information

Miniatyrised propulsion system

Muscle exercise equipment

OHB Sweden
Development and delivery of  complete satellite system incl. ground control systems, such as: Odin, SMART-1, PRISMA. Development and delivery  of subsystems for satellites such as: Control Systems (AOCS) and Propulsion Systems (propulsion)

Omnisys Instruments
Scientific instruments for space reserach (RF/microwave area)

Mobile broadband service via satellite combining high bandwidth satellite communication services with highly mobile terminals.

PandionAI delivers time critical information products in a variety of application domains based on smart AI processing of data.

Launch of sounding rockets and balloons, Reception of data from remote sensing satellites, Performs TT&C operations on polar orbiting satellites, Telecommunication-services, Small satellites, instruments for sounding rockets, balloons, Microgravity payloads

Three communications satellites are owned and operated by SES. 

Platformindependent software for production of satellite images

Spaceport Sweden
Fields of activity: Europe's first place for commercial spaceflights

Spectrogon AB
Optics for scientific instruments 

Offers services for structuring, analyzing and presenting large quantities of information, such as Earth observation, through GIS

Swedish Microwave
Design and Manufacturing of LNB – Low Noise Block Downconverters and related Equipment for Satellite Communication

Umbilical design
Design for space environments

Visual perception for future automation and autonomous systems

Wasa Millimeter Wave
Was Millimeter Wave develops and manufactures compact high power, high efficiency multipliers for frequencies above 100 GHz

ÅAC Microtec
Spacecraft systems, Computers and data handling, Sensor system mechanisms, Space Plug-and-play Avionics (SPA) compatible products, Miniaturized robust electronics for interplanetary missions