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About the Swedish National Space Agency

The Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA) is an administrative authority under the Ministry of Education responsible for government-funded national and international space operations in Sweden in terms of research and development. The SNSA is Sweden's contact body for international space cooperation.

We support space research and development in Sweden

Swedish researchers, companies and users of space applications can seek money from us in various programs. Grant applications submitted to the SNSA are assessed by independent foreign auditors. Finally, it is the Board of the SNSA who decides which researchers, companies and users receive support. The SNSA finances national research and development with about 20% of the authority's budget. Read more in our annual reports. (Web page translated by Google translate)

We represent Sweden in international space organizations

The SNSA coordinates Swedish interests in international space cooperation. This means that the SNSA Agency has the right to sign a contract within the space area on behalf of Sweden. The Swedish space program is largely implemented within international collaborations. Most of the money is put in the framework of the European Space Agency, ESA, and through bilateral cooperation. Approximately 70% of the space agency's budget was placed on international cooperation. In the EU space program, Sweden is represented by both the SNSA and other authorities.

We spread knowledge about and create interest in space

In order to continue to be a successful space nation, Sweden must train new space-interested engineers, entrepreneurs and researchers. The SNSA wants to create and maintain the Swedes' space interest by telling us all the fantastic discoveries and innovations that are happening in the space area. We do this, among other things, by investing in schools and the general public.

What does the Swedish National Space Agency not do?

The SNSA does not conduct its own research or development. Below is information about who is running Sweden's infrastructure projects in space:

Space Base Esrange: base for sending rockets and balloons. Powered by the Swedish Space Corporation .

Onsala Space Observatory: the Swedish national facility for radio astronomy. Powered by Chalmers University of Technology .

The Eiscat radar facility in Kiruna: studies the Earth's ionosphere and upper atmosphere. Powered by Eiscat .

Institute for Space Physics (IRF): a state research institute that carries out basic research and postgraduate education in space physics, space technology and atmospheric physics. IRF is a government agency under the Ministry of Education.

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI): finances Sweden's participation in Eumetsat and other uses in meteorology.

Defense authorities: finances their own space operations.

The Post and Telecom Agency (PTS): manages the frequency space and in this work weights different stakeholders' agendas. The Space Agency does not weigh the interests of the space industry together.