Exoplaneter - årets tema på Alpbach sommarskola

Nu är det återigen dags att söka till Alpbach sommarskola. Sista ansökningsdag är den 31 mars.

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) has recently released the announcement of the Alpbach Summer School 2009 devoted to "Exoplanets: Discovering and characterizing Earth type planets" held from 21 - 30 July, 2009.

The Alpbach Summer School is well-known for its high scientific quality. It is held annually and a different topic is chosen each year. The Alpbach Summer School activities include lectures given by distinguished scientists as well as team-work and workshops. The School is open to young science and/or engineering graduates of the member and cooperating states of the European Space Agency (ESA). More information can be found on the Alpbach Summer School website (see the link below).

Students who wish to participate in the Summer School should submit their applications online before March 31, 2009.

The Swedish National Space Board (SNSB, Rymdstyrelsen) intends to provide travel grants for up to three Swedish participants to the Summer School. The total amount of the financial support is up to 12 000-14 000 SEK per person (depending on the place of residence) to cover the registration fee, accommodation and low-fare travel.

If you are interested in applying for the financial support, you should send a copy of your application to Swedish National Space Board (kristine.dannenberg@snsb.se) before March 31, 2009.
In addition, you should attach a one-page presentation of yourself and your background including the reasons why attending the Summer School would be valuable for you.

More information about Alpbach Summer School

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