Satellite image processing for increased operational efficiency within the Swedish Ice Service

The Ice Service at SMHI monitors sea ice conditions in the Baltic region and provides daily charts, reports and forecasts to assist the maritime community and promote safe winter navigation. The Ice Service’s products are used in planning of the Swedish Icebreaker’s activities and directly by shipping companies well as the general public. The ice charts also make an important data source for climate research.

Presently, SMHI has limited resources to process the type of satellite data required for sea ice monitoring. The Ice Service therefore relies largely on outside providers to deliver data in a format compatible to the current production system. This limits the sources of data the Ice Service is able to use.

The relative severity of the previous winter made it clear that relying on outside providers for essential data make production vulnerable to delays. It also highlighted the necessity of utilizing all available sources of satellite data in order to get the most comprehensive view of the Baltic region.   

The purpose of this project is to enable the Ice Service to process and reformat data themselves and to introduce more data sources, making production more time efficient and ultimately increasing ice chart accuracy. The aim is to achieve this before the start of the ice season 2010-2011, to be better prepared should next winter be similar to the past.

Senast uppdaterad: 11 juni 2010