Linking of Seatrack Web drift modelling services to CleanSeaNet in demonstration mode

Project description


An oil spill forecasting and backtracking system is available as an all day round service at SMHI's web server for responsible governmental authorities.

The system is called Seatrack Web. It has forecast and hindcast information on weather and sea current available on line. The user in mind i.e. Coast Guards use the web service to create their own forecasts and backtracking of a detected oil spill. The area covered by STW is the major part of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Seatrack Web can receive satellite data via EMSA CleaSeaNet as soon as an oil spill is detected.

Suspected oil spills detected by satellite SAR in near real time will be implemented in STW to produce automatically drift forecasts of the oil spill and also in backtracking mode to find the ship who might have caused the spill. Ship position information is the critical layer of information in the STW used to find the most probable spiller.

The project is a demonstration system showing what this service will look like at CSN's web site. SMHI-STW will provide, automatically in near real time, 24h trajectory predictions in forecast and hindcast mode to EMSA CleanSeaNet service in a format compatible for display within the existing CSN service. The forecast and backtracking starts with the satellite detected oil spill. This automatic calculation will start as soon as an detected oil spill is received at SMHIs oil drift model Seatrack Web. The project is a demonstration for future capabilities and a demonstration how the service shall be in other areas of the European Union. When the AIS information is collected by satellite even better geographical coverage can be expected. This service is already being provided on commercial test basis, taking into account existing a somewhat reduced satellite infrastructure.

The proposed work is to develop software and implement data exchange procedures for a successful demonstration.


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