Road accessibility maps

Creating road accessibility maps from high resolution satellite imagery



In the aftermath of any disaster, natural or man-caused, the need for clear and reliable information is vast. In rural areas where for example starvation, war, epidemic deceases or nature disaster has occurred it is often difficult for rescue organisations to obtain correct and updated geographic information.
Humanitarian help organisations are in need of correct geographic information to be able to conduct their job efficiently. Information about the condition of the roads leading to the disaster area in relation to the populated places is an important factor in distributing medicines and food. 
Purpose and goal
The purpose of the project is to find a suitable method for extracting relevant, up to date information about the road accessibility in a disaster area from high resolution satellite images and make it available in the field.

The results will be used to improve transport efficiency in the long term aid and reconstruction process.


In cooperation with the Swedish rescue services agency (SRSA) a suitable area of concern will be chosen for the project. A suitable area would have roads with different transportation accessibility and populations of different numbers, also a variety in landscape and vegetation should occur in the area of concern By using high and very high resolution satellite imagery roads will be interpreted and extracted. Attention will be payed to picking up any possible disruptions in road connectivity. Results of the interpretation will be verified. Different software products will be evaluated and focus on adjusting methods complexity to fit the SRSAs own resources and capacity.

The result are primarily intended to fit the needs of The Swedish rescue services agency, but in a wider perspective may also be useful for other organizations, i.e. OCHA (Organization for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) for organising the comprehensive aid relief or World Food Program. 


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