MUNIN - A national production system for mapping forest parameters from satellite images

The Swedish National Forest Inventory (NFI) has gathered statistics describing the forest since 1923. Presently, the NFI is carried out as a field inventory and it is designed to give reliable results on a county (län) level. There is a need to improve the NFI, especially to decrease the area for which reliable estimates can be presented and to reduce the error of cutting estimates.

The aim for this project is to develop a production system for mapping the state of the forest and changes by combining satellite data and field data from the Swedish NFI. By introducing satellite data in the NFI, a continuous raster database with predicted forest parameters will be derived for the whole of Sweden. This will increase the accuracy of the forestry statistics and make it possible to present reliable results for as small areas as a few hundred hectares. Raster databases describing forest parameters such as stem volume and tree species composition are of great potential use for other users than the NFI, for example county boards (länsstyrelser) and forestry boards (skogsvårdsstyrelser). There is also a great interest from researchers in ecology to use this type of data. An example showing stem volume per hectare in Dalarna can be found at the NFI’s homepage .

Changes in the forest landscape will be mapped using satellite images from different years. This means for example that clear cuttings can be detected and mapped with a high accuracy.

The production line for predicting forest parameters will be ready at the end of 2001. Mapping of changes will be implemented during 2002. 

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