Earth Observation

One of SNSB´s major tasks is the promotion and funding of fundamental and applied space research in Sweden. Research by means of Earth Observation data from space is one of the research areas supported by SNSB. The Earth Observation research programme was established already in 1970s and its current budget is 14-15 MSEK/year, supporting research projects at Swedish universities and research institutes. SNSB´s Earth Observation research programme involves many research areas which benefit from the utilisation of Earth Observation satellite data. Forestry, climatology, oceanography, glaciology and studies of urbanisation are examples of the research fields represented in the programme. SNSB also has a user programme that deals with methods and technique development that involves, companies, users and researchers.

The Earth Observation research programme was evaluated in 2010 by an evaluation panel consisting of four well-known international experts: Prof. Dr. Barbara Koch, Prof. Tuomas Häme, Prof. Jouni Pulliainen and Prof. Ian Robinson. The main focus of this evaluation was to assess the impact and results achieved through the support of SNSB during 2005-2010, and to provide recommendations to SNSB regarding further development of the Swedish EO programme. The evaluation report also provides comments on the individual research groups, with recommendations for future work when relevant and appropriate.

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Last updated: 22 June 2011