Technology Development

Since a long time Sweden has three large, established space companies: Swedish Space Corporation, RUAG Space AB and GKN. These companies have their already established and recognised areas of technology. During the past years the industrial landscape of Sweden has evolved to inherit a number of highly competitive SME’s. Theses SME companies stands for a high level of innovation and many of them are recognised on the international scene.

World Class Space Technology from Sweden

The Swedish space industry stands for a number of, throughout the world, recognised space technologies where the three large actors have proven excellence in the field of:

  • Small systems integration (e.g. Odin, SMART-1, Prisma)
  • Advanced sub-system design and development
  • Satellite control and data acquisition
  • Launch of sounding rockets and balloons
  • Computers and data handling systems
  • Microwave electronics
  • Antennas
  • Payload adapters and separation systems
  • Satellite structures
  • Sounding rocket guidance systems
  • Turbines and nozzles for rocket engines

The Swedish SME’s contribute to the overall list of national capabilities in the following fields of space technology:

  • Micro- and nanotechnology
  • Miniaturised power sub-systems and radiometers
  • Green propulsion
  • GPS/Galileo receivers
  • Optical sensors
  • Fault-tolerant microprocessors
  • EO image supply solutions
  • Electronic components

Swedish Space Companies

A list of Swedish space companies can be found here.

Last updated: 23 March 2017