Swedish satellites

The Swedish National Space Board has financed seven Swedish satellite projects, most of them performed in internationall cooperation. Those are Viking, Freja, Astrid 1, Astrid 2, Odin, Prisma and Mats (se below).

A register of all Swedish objects launched into space can be found here.


Launch: The satellite is scheduled for launch 2019.

Mission: MATS (Mesospheric Airglow/Aerosol Tomography and Spectroscopy) is an upcoming Swedish satellite mission designed to   investigate atmospheric waves.

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Prisma-satelliterna i formationsflygningPrisma

Launch: June 2010
End of mission: 2011

Mission: Technical demonstration of formation flying and rendezvous technology and space motor technology.

Prisma, Prismasatellites



Satelliten OdinOdin

Launch: February 2001

In cooperation with: Canada/Finland/France

Mission: An astronomy mission, to study star formation and early solar system. And an aeronomy mission, to study the mechanisms behind the depletion of the ozone layer and the effects of global warming.

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Odin, Swedish Space Corporation 

Atrid 2Astrid 2

Launch: December 1998
End of mission: July 1999

Mission: High-resolution measurements of electrical and magnetic fields in the auroral region

Astrid-2, Swedish Space Corporation



Satellit Astrid 1Astrid 1

Launch: Januari 1995
End of mission:  March 1995

Mission: Investigation of near plasma with emphasis on neutral particle phenomena.

Astrid-1, Swedish Space Corporation.


Satelliten FrejaFreja

Launch: October 1992
End of mission: October 1996

In cooperation with: Germany

Mission: High-resolution measurements in the upper ionosphere and lower magnetosphere.

Freja, Swedish Space Corporation

Satellit VikingViking

Launch: Februari 1986
End of mission: May 1987

Mission: Investigation of plasma physics and the auroral phenomena.

Viking - Sweden's first satellite, Swedish Space Corporation. 


Last updated: 8 December 2016