International relations

Most of the activities funded by the Swedish National Space Board are carried out in cooperation with other countries. International cooperation is therefore of utmost importance for the Swedish space activities.

Sweden is one of the founding members of the European Space Agency, ESA. Sweden participates in the mandatory basic and scientific programmes as well as in the optional programmes on earth observation, telecommunications, technology, exploration, microgravity, launcher development, international space station, space situational awareness and navigation. The Swedish contribution to ESA accounts for about 70 % of the SNSB budget.

Sweden has managed a number of satellite project, most of them done in cooperation with other countries. Sweden was cooperating with Canada, Finland and France on the scientific satellite project Odin, which was launched in February 2001. On the technology demonstration satellite for formation flying and rendezvous called Prisma, Sweden was cooperating with France, Germany and Denmark. The two Prisma satellites, Mango and Tango, were launched in June 2010.

When it comes to bilateral cooperation, France is the most important partner. Bilateral co-operation on space science and applications is carried out under a framework agreement with Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, CNES. One example of the cooperation is the remote sensing programmes SPOT, Vegetation and Pleiades. Other Memoranda of Understanding have been concluded as basis for co-operation with SNSB’s counterparts in Austria, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Norway and Thailand. On a governmental level Sweden has framework agreement with USA and Russia for cooperative activities in the exploration and use of outer space. Sweden is also engaged in other bilateral co-operative projects carried out on ad hoc basis.

Sweden is a member of the UN Committe for Peaceful Use of Outer Space, COSPAR (Committee on Space Research), Intelsat, Eutelsat, Inmarsat and Eumetsat.


Last updated: 10 September 2015